Flaherty Seminar Fellowship


I'm thrilled to be selected as a Fellow at this summer's 63rd Flaherty Seminar, Future Remains.  The Flaherty is the longest continuously-running film event in North America.  Several hundred filmmakers, curators and artists gather for a week to view, discuss, analyze and probe the moving image and to explore possibilites for pushing the documentary form.  Key to the Flaherty pedagogy is non-preconception, a type of beginner's mind which creates condidtions for open perception.  Participants have no idea what films they'll be viewing until the lights go down and the projectors roll at the start of each session.  This summer's theme Future Remains, curated by Nuno Lisboa, explores the gesture in the age of disembodiment.  

With much gratitude to the LEF New England Foundation for funding my fellowship.