Circle Walk: a view into my working process


Circle Walk composite rope connect small_small.jpg

Here, a composite image from a rehearsal of new work in development with choreographer-dancer Cynthia McLaughlin.  The seed for the work is the story of the tragic death of an 18th-century father and farmer, Elijah Bordwell, who is buried in the cemetery down the hill from my home.  His unusually detailed epitaph reads:

"In memory of Mr. Elijah Bordwell who died January 26th 1786 in the 27th Year of his Age, having but a few days survived the fatal Night when he was flung from his horse and drawn by the stirrup 26 rods along the path as appeared by the place where his hat was found & where he had Spent the whole following severe cold night treading the Snow in a Small Circle.  The Family he left was an aged Father, a Wife & 3 Small Children.

On this Side Death Man's Dangers never cease.  Beyond, the Virtuous Share eternal Peace."