Unless You’re Living It screens at Engauge Experimental Film Fest November 8

Seattle, Washington, November 8

November 11, 2019

Unless You're Living It screens at Engauge Experimental Film Festival in a program of shorts on the theme Senses of Time. Engauge was founded and is directed by filmmaker/artists Caryn Cline and Jon Behrens and celebrates analogue filmmaking, screening only work shot on celluloid. They write, "We reject the canard that film is dead. We are dedicated to building a cohort of analogue filmmakers in the Seattle area, as well as an audience for experimental films that has no commercial value. We employ and favor DIY techniques, matte box experiments, in-camera editing, found footage collage, direct animation, hand- and eco-processing, optical printing, pin-hole exposures, laser printing onto film, various analogue hacks, etc. Engauge also highlights the film-to-digital Lightpress Grants, offered twice yearly by our primary sponsor, the Interbay Cinema Society. Lightpress Grants help filmmakers with the funding to professionally digitize their films. Each year, we try to include recent Lightpress grant recipients in our festival."