ARKIPEL hosts Unless You’re Living It

August 25 in Jakarta, Indonesia

August 13, 2019

Unless You're Living It screens at ARKIPEL Jakarta Intnl Documentary + Experimental Film Festival in a program of shorts curated by Scott Miller Berry: UNLESS YOU’RE LIVING IT: DIS/INTEGRATION.

Scott writes: "The nine short films in this program each explore notions of loss through profound personal explorations of personal and/or political disintegration. Each short is a personal diary unto itself, delving into his/herstories in profoundly emotional ways; wherein the form is only assisted through tactility: whether hand-processed celluloid, archival video footage, in-camera creation, VHS tapes, standard-definition recording or processing films with plant life."

The program includes short films by: Cecilia Araneda, Sissy Bam, Sarah Bliss, Franci Duran, Alexandra Gelis, Christine Negus, Malena Szlam.