Unless You’re Living It Wins Jury Award at MUFF

May 27, 2019

I'm humbled to learn that my new film, a portrait of place and power in rural white Ontario, was yesterday awarded Honorable Mention by Montreal Underground Film Festival jurors. In the words of juror Rosanna Maule, it's an "hallucinatory and alienating experience of being marginal in North American towns today, rendered through hyper-saturated, reflected images, and the voices of those who live on the margin." And from juror Mikaela Bobiy: "Unless You're Living It evokes an indelible sense of time and place, with Bliss deftly mixing sight and sound to create afterimages of an invisible community."

A big congrats, too, to award winners Sandy McLennan, Todd Fraser, and Arianna Lodeserto! Thank you MUFF programmers, planners, projectionists, volunteers and jurors for working long, hard and with much love to serve up another stunning feast of moving image. You all rock the casbah!


Image: frame grab from Unless You're Living It