Wet Shoot mp4.00_32_38_05.Still016.jpg


Public art commission for the Boston Conference & Convention Center.  HD video installation. 00:30. Presented on the largest urban screen in New England: the 80-ft tall, wrap-around seven-screen digital video canvas at Boston’s Conference and Convention Center.  2017.

A collaboration with choreographer Cynthia McLaughlin

In Orbit, the Marquee becomes a portal to a fantastical, bobbling, sinuous world where texture, color and sense experience take center stage. Boundaries between human and natural world break down as a wondrous spinal pathway is traced in a psychedelic field of sea-like flora, obscuring and revealing a landscape of arcing serpentine spheres that play with space, color and time.

Installed:  June - September 2017  Boston Conference and Convention Center Marquee