HD video installation. 00:45. 2014.

A commission for the largest urban screen in New England: the 80-ft tall, wrap-around seven-screen digital video canvas at Boston’s Conference and Convention Center.

Shirts and undershorts hung on a line to dry are caught by gusts of wind. High above passersby, they billow, snap and surge. Deep, vibrant colors pop, and we’re swept up in the joyful, lyric dance. Laundry Line offers a playful respite from the chaotic stress of the urban grid and returns us to the simple pleasures offered through the body and senses: experiences we’ve become less and less accustomed to. The independent and hidden life of a work costume just like ours references the unseen body now freed of clothes — just as the clothes themselves are freed by the wind — and gives us a gentle tweak, reminding us of our daily masquerade. Laundry Line makes playful reference, as well, to the Marquee’s location in Boston's Seaport district: these too, are sails in the wind.


Installed:  December 2014 - February 2015   Boston Conference and Convention Center Marquee